Monday, October 25, 2010

Studio Dave

Dave went to his first official yoga class today. He has come to my classes a few times, but never with anyone he does not know personally. I went with him for support (he asked). It was really hard to practice beside him because he was cracking me up during class. There were a lot of "oh my GOD that hurts!" and "I think I'm stuck!" Thank Goodness for child pose. I could easily hide my tears of laughter face down on the mat. I asked Dave what stood out for him today. He was mostly annoyed with the mat, trying to keep it from bunching up underneath him. The pose that he remembers the most is Bird of Paradise pose. He said it felt like he was giving himself a big wedgie and was glad to move on to laying down on the floor. His favorite pose was the just-lie-there-and-do-nothing-pose. I think that translates as savasana in sanskrit.

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