Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 4

This morning I gave Dave a pair of my Lulu Lemon pants (the ones I wore during my pregnancy). I thought maybe this could "motivate" him a little (and I could have a good laugh). They fit him great! He had to mention right off the bat that he "would never be caught dead wearing these outside". Whatever, I think he looks cute...
Today Dave discovered Rejuvenating Yoga. "If rejuvenating yoga means doing all the poses lying down, I'm all for it!" I asked Dave if he had to force himself to practice today. "No. I just took a nap 1st.(Laughter) After my nap and a huge meal, I was good to go! I liked my yoga pants. They were way better than doing Yoga in my gitch (technical term for underwear)."
The DVD today was guided by Rodney's wife Colleen. He felt even less flexible with her than with Rodney. "She would ask me to bend forward, and I basically would move maybe half an inch. Coming "up" from the pose wasn't too hard, considering I never went down in the 1st place."
I asked Dave to describe his overall sense of the practice today. Knowing that I was hoping for some detailed version of his experience, he answered "it was fine" followed by a lot of laughter. Thanks Dave! Keeping it real simple for me.

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