Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 1

Yogi Dave: Day 1

Choosing a program

From the beginning of this project, I knew that this "experiment" would only work if I took myself out of the equation. I don't know about all other couples in the world, but it seems that Dave and I don't "learn" that well from each other. That being said, yesterday I gave Dave some "Yoga Learning" options. He decided that following a DVD would work best for him. So we watched a few different ones, to pick a style suitable for Dave.

Here is Dave's Yoga DVD review:

Rodney Yee for Beginners
Dave's comment: "Nice Pants! Hot wife! Beside looking at his tight pants, I think could follow his class."

Shiva Rae- Vignasa
"I have no idea what she is talking about! She is way too out there for me. How do you look out the back of your eyes? HMMM... and down to your heart? wow!"

Niki Doane-Ashtanga
"The music is horrible, and she is way too demanding!"

Jiva Mukti (with Micheal Franti)
"Too fast, too fast, too fast... Slowdown! What's with all the guitars in the back ground? It seams really scattered... I know some peeps who would really like this one!"

Desiree Rumbaugh- Anasura

"practical solutions for injuries... not flooffy."

David chose Rodney Yee and Desiree Rumbaugh. He insisted that he would wear tight shorts like Rodney while he practiced Yoga. I personally don't know if that's a great idea.... But hey! It's his practice!

Stay tuned for Day 2: Practicing with Rodney (in tight shorts)

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