Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 2

As promised (to himself), after taking our son to school, Dave put on the Rodney Yee DVD and followed along. I asked Dave what stood out the most for him today. He replied "my lack of flexibility, and attention span!" He felt really distracted, not only by the telephone, the dogs, etc... but also by the instructions Rodney was offering. He felt he had to keep looking up at the TV screen to figure out what the heck he was suppose to be doing.In his youth, Dave was a gymnast and practicing yoga today really reflected how much flexibility he has lost over the years. He's not sure if Rodney's flexibility inspired him or just made him feel hopeless. I asked him if he thought it was worth continuing this practice. "I didn't hate it" was his response. "I can see the benefits of sticking with it. It could probably pave a way for me to learn more effectively other things that I'm into." After practicing Yoga, Dave picked up his bass guitar and practiced playing(the thing he truly enjoys doing). "I don't know if this will actually change anything in my life, but I am curious about how it might." Nice!! That's all I'm looking for! Just a little bit of curiosity can go a long way. Not bad for a first day...

Keep posted for Day 3: David's "Slightly Hung-Over" Practice (morning after his music jam)

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